Sky Lantern or Kong Ming Deng

A brief history of Sky Lantern or well known as Kong Ming Deng in Chinese. Sky Lanterns date back in hundred years ago, when armies employed them as signalling devices which later adopted by common folk, who used them to convey their wishes to heaven. Sky Lantern are thought to guide your ancestral spirits back to you, bringing with them, their wisdom and guidance.

In Thai, locals believes launching Khoom Loy (Kong Ming Deng) into sky would rid them of all their troubles. The Asian nowadays believe that as the Sky Lantern rise, it takes aways their troubles and brings your wish comes true as well as brings good luck in future.

The first time I saw Kong Ming Deng during my 1st date walk behind my hostel with boyfie. I was surprised with something red and looks like hot balloon floating in the sky. Boyfie told me wishes that written on the Kong Ming Deng will comes true. Since then, whenever I saw Kong Ming Deng, I told boyfie I wish to have one of it. Boyfie tried his very best to get it on my bday but failed due to out of stock. I don't blame him for that because he really did tried to search it from new town to old town ( those in Kampar, you know what I mean). So, I'm kind of giving up to get it. 

But things, doesn't make a full stop there. Boyfie surprised me with a Kong Ming Deng today. Big thanks to boyfie who brings it all the way from Penang. I was like "........................" so so so happy and touch. He is the one who always surprised me for getting me whatever I wanted as long as he could. *tears rolling*

Here are wishes written on my Kong Ming Deng....

I really hope each of the wish written here will comes true

And the last, my Kong Ming Deng fly up to sky. Beyond my estimation just as all worries and problems floating away. And I hope all my wishes come true.


  1. Awww, so sweet of yr boyf! I want a kong ming deng too :D

  2. Thanks. Your boyfie is also a sweet one. The card he made for your anni was really a cute one... "the cover page". He put all his effort there. I believe he will surprise u with a Kong Ming Deng soon ^^

  3. 芦悦忆芙, i did nothing much =P