All my best friends

Honestly I miss you all. At this stage of life, I guess everyone started to busy building up their career, busy flipping over their books preparing for exams and having their own partners.  I always agree that as we grow adults we spend lesser time together with best friend. Sad truth, but yea, I believe that's the nature of human beings where there is no reason of pointing finger on best friend who starts to spend less time with you. We all eventually all go our own ways in time.

Sigh but then, we have to always appreciate the little time we all spend together whenever we have chance. I always miss those time we spent together. Anyway, how have you all been so far?


here I am

I'm back alive again to this little world of mine. Half of 2012 was gone, how was yours so far? Do you miss me? Sorry for not updating myself. I hope I will not lost in track any more. So, here's a little greeting for myself  "WELCOME BACK"....


Frankly, I'm feeling kind of down about this birthday. Partly because I'm away from those closed friends and that particular person and most of all turning 24th is a little difficult. Maybe I'm not where I wanted to be? Anyway I don't hope to be sound so narcissistic, I am still here to wish MYSELF 


In the way of the global back fence we all hang on, over 100 people wished me Happy Birthday on Facebook. Thanks you all although every wishes although it may looks as simple one. We might live far away from each another but thanks to the invention of Facebook made us live in the virtual community that caused us to be closed to everyone. Also I would like to thanks to those who comes with SMS to wished me and also phone calls to wished me. To ..., Thanks for singing me birthday song. I know I am still one of those lame people who get super excited when it come to birthday song even though I'm beyond the age where I should. But that's the best wishes I got so far. I thought I won't have it again this year, but yeah u made it :) It's okay that you couldn't get me anything this year but I love this simple gift the most. Thanks so much for everything. Thanks for cousins and mum for a dinner, a very simple cake blowing season and sing birthday song so loudly.  For those who comes with birthday gift, thanks very much especially mum who got me my Sony Nex C-3.

Lastly, Thanks for making my 24th a memorable one :)

Valentine's Day

Nowadays celebration of Valentine's Day is much different than older days. People, especially those boyfriends pays everything are OVERPRICED...
~ OVERPRICED soft toys ~

~ OVERPRICED dinner ~

~ OVERPRICED flowers~

~ OVERPRICED rings ~

It always said that it will be VALENTINE'S OFFER but then it is still OVERPRICED.I knew it would be a deep hole of those boyfriends pockets.After all all these is to makes the girlfriends feel appreciated and special among their friends who gets all those ti ti da da things from their boyfriend's. If the boyfriends don't give them all these the girlfriends will use this reason to quarrel for whole year. Hahaha. So as conclusion despite how expensive is the things the boyfriend still get to go for most expensive roses, sweetest chocolates in the world, biggest soft toys. Boyfriend, this is evil love. LOL. This is on boyfriend standing. On the girlfriend's side they would be pampered like a queen or I should say as a princess for a day and this often makes a vow to treat the boyfriend better for the coming whole year and not to quarrel on all small things. After all girl is a soft hearted creature, isn't?

However, the actual celebration of Valentine's Day is rather different than what we thought of. This is somehow still practise in some countries like Korea and Japan. The girls would personally hand make chocolates and give it to the guys they like.

~ handmade chocolates ~

For those single guys, on this day they would found out which girl had crush on them. And then on 14th of March, if the guy had the same feeling for the girl, they would buy a box of white chocolates as a return or an answer for the girl showing their love.

~ White Chocolates ~

Usually their love will starts blossoms after this... 

So, should I try to makes chocolate this year ? Hahaha....

Anyhow... I would like to wish everyone  


There are too many happenings recently. Drastic changes.
 And I just don't know where to start...

Heartbroken. Regrets. Sad. Blessed. Happy. Achievement. Excitement.

Let's make this as simple as possible..
8th November 2012
A very sad things happened which brought me back to UTAR for another semester. Things doesn't seems to be same this semester. Where there are very few closed friends in UTAR either they are graduated or away for internship. So, as the boy. 

Due to all above reasons, I learnt to be independent. Perhaps this is useful when I go UK in future.

12th December 2012
A year anniversary with the boy. But nothing happened but with just a sms "Happy one anniversary, Yogi. Must be happy oh."

20th December 2012
I took off my braces that day after 3 years and half. Regain all the confidence back. As a girl who doesn't wants to look pretty? Am I right? So I'm not an exception :) It's worth after three and half years. Thanks mummy who sponsored me for orthodontics treatment. Always as I said you are the best mum I would have in the world.

24th December 2012
I left Kampar hoping that I won't be back to the place any more. With all kinds of mixed feelings. Kampar taught me a lots of things and it brings a lots of memories which couldn't been delete forever. Meeting true friends and true love. Meeting failures after failures and then I stand up again. Its all happened in this small town. Its been 2 and half years I'd stayed in this small town where I been used to it. Anyway where ever future brings me to I will surely miss you, Kampar. The best chicken rice in town, laksa (which I feel much more better than Penang's), chop rice, food delivery services... Danish house services. The indians drumming when middle of night which makes you feel like pouring hot water out of windows. Rooney. Yucca. Friends. Those gossips. Midnight walks with the boy. I gotta miss every single corner of Kampar for sure. 

The last day I hold his hand saw he cried. I thought I would savage this relationship but in the end I couldn't ( To cut the story short)

5th January 2012
Im officially back to single. As I said I hope to savage it but still it doesn't work. Sad and regrets, tears are all there. But since I'd decided it so life still get to move on and looking forward. Is hard to leave but since we our opinion, our ways of life, our goals starts to diverge in different ways so it is a must.

Whatever it is I still hoping you the best in future undertaking. Thanks for all the memories you gave me. No matter it is sweet, sour, bad, heartbroken no one else would replaced and took the memories that we had built together. Thanks for making me a better person in 2012. Indeed you thought me alots of things. I just hope we wont end up as strangers.

10th January 2012
Exam result. Im really happy. At last I see worth behind all my hard works. Labouring for final exams are all paid now. Thanks God, for all your all sufficient grace. Thanks mum for supporting me all these while. Thanks to all my friends for be with me all these while. Im officially graduated now as undergraduate student

Thanks God for all your blessings. 


In conjunction of thanksgiving day 2011, I'm here to write again. Happy Belated Thanksgiving Day everyone :). I  believe many of us especially Malaysian or I should say Asian doesn't know what actually thanksgiving day means for. 

Summary of Thanksgiving Day
Thanksgiving is a celebration normally celebrated by Americans. But today Thanksgiving not only celebrated by Americans but many people around the world who knows the significance of Thanksgiving Day.

Common Misunderstanding of Thanksgiving Day
i) getting out of school for a long weekend
ii) start of Christmas holiday

What is the real meaning behind Thanksgiving?
i) Back in 1962, first celebration of Thanksgiving by American Christian after successfully harvest their crops. They render Thanksgiving to the Almighty God for all His blessings.

ii) Annual Thanksgiving celebration starts with United States who proclaimed National Days of Thanksgiving to Almighty God many times throughout the following years. On 1st November 1777, the first official National Thanksgiving Proclamation as proclaimed and signed by Henry Laurens.

iii) Later on 19th February 1795 was set aside by George Washington as a National Day of Thanksgiving.

iv) Many years later Abraham Lincoln proclaimed National Day of Thanksgiving on the last Thursday of November which been bring on until TODAY. 

That is why until today, on Thanksgiving Day each year, not only Americans but people all around the world give thanks to Almighty God for all His blessings and mercies toward us throughout the year. However, I feel every single day in our life is our thanksgiving day, not only been limited on the last Thursday of November. Do give thanks to our God (no matter what religion you are) for all His blessing and mercies upon us, for all situation He put us in, for all people He brings us to meet. Thanks God for everything ! ^^

Happy Thanksgiving Day, everyone !